Visitors bid fond farewell to temporary library

Tucked away in a cosy corner of the Oxford Castle complex, the temporary Central Library has been a regular fixture for book lovers over the past 18 months.

As the library welcomes its final customers, staff and visitors have been giving their verdict on the ‘stop-gap’ facility, and looking ahead to the opening of the new Oxfordshire County Library at the regenerated Westgate Centre.

Although lacking in space and stock compared with the former Westgate library, with its pleasant courtyard view and bright interior, the temporary service has proved to be a hit with many regular visitors.

Visitors' comments

Here’s a snapshot of visitor comments as the temporary library prepares to close its doors for the last time

“At first I was a bit disappointed by how small it was, but it has a really good selection of books and it was the best possible solution under the circumstances. I do like the brightness and the lightness of the space, but I’m really looking forward to going back to the Westgate. I’m hoping the new library is going to be as good as it was before – if not better!” Amy Ashton

“I’m definitely looking forward to the new one, but this has been a good stop-gap and the staff are always very good if there’s something you need. They’ve definitely got a difficult job moving everything into the new library.” John Bell

“As a very long-term library user I have always been pleased that there has always been a presence in Oxford of a public library facility. The staff are always very friendly, helpful and professional. I am very happy about its continued presence, because I firmly believe that knowledge should always be in the public sphere, and access to information and literature.” Joe Mansberger