Oxford city junction to get new safety feature

Work is to begin on an overhaul of a junction in Oxford city centre which will see traffic light replaced with a new layout.

The junction of Broad Street, Parks Road, Holywell Street and Catte Street will see a ‘junction table’ installed with roundabout style markings similar to those in Frideswide Square.

The work will cost in the region of £65,000 with the university providing £35,000, the city council £15,000 and the balance being paid for by the county council.

At the moment the junction has a set of traffic lights installed, but these are now beyond repair having been in service for many years. The plans for the new junction will address the need for traffic control and also mean that potential future enhancement of the area can happen without the need to remove a set of expensive new traffic lights.

The design of the new feature will incorporate buff coloured markings in keeping with the look of the area along with a raised junction table which will reduce the speed of traffic on the approach while improving the safety and convenience for pedestrians and cyclists moving around the historic heart of the city.

The work is expected to be completed by Friday 4 August. The surfacing will be laid over night on 2 and 3 of August. For the first week of work, Hollywell St will be closed at its access with Broad St. From the second week and until completion, the work will be completed under the use of 4-way traffic lights.