Leaders of Early Learning

Vision for the programme

The Oxfordshire Early Years Board’s vision for the programme is for leaders in schools and settings to work together, learning from each other, so that early education in Oxfordshire is of a high quality, and continually improves.

Their aim is for all practitioners to develop the experience and expertise to meet challenges confidently and to recognise what good practice and provision looks like.

They will:

  • make a difference in the long-term through investing in relationship-building
  • recognise that different approaches are needed in different contexts
  • remember that the most effective approach is not ‘top down’
  • understand that journeys of improvement depend upon us all learning from each other
  • encourage leaders to value, above all, high quality adult-child interactions
  • ensure that learning for adults, and for children, is interesting and enjoyable
  • use technology wherever possible to join up ‘communities of practice’ across the county.

The launch

We were joined by 105 early years colleges from schools, pre-schools, day nurseries, home based provision and children’s centres.

On the day we discussed the challenges and benefits of the programme, and heard from a number of inspirational speakers.

During the day each participant signed a commitment to the leadership of early learning.


Visit our early education and childcare provider homepage for a lots of useful information on training, best practice, funding, resources, and much more.