Help solve Witney railing damage mystery


Photos above show the path before the work was done (left) and with the barriers in place (right). Our engineers didn't have time to take a better picture before the railings were vandalised.

Oxfordshire County Council is calling for help in finding culprits who damaged a row of safety railings hours after they were installed.

A set of staggered railings were put in Wilmot Close at a cost of around £500 after an elderly resident contacted their local county councillor, Cllr Laura Price, following a collision with a bike which left him injured and shaken.

Thames Valley Police visited the site of the incident a few days later and confirmed that bikes were regularly travelling at high speeds through the alley.

Within hours of being installed the railings had been damaged with some being removed altogether. They will be repaired very soon for safety reasons.

Any information anyone has about the vandals could help the county council secure money towards their repair. You can report any infrmation via the 101 police phone number.