Worried about flooding? Help is just a click away

Widespread damage around the county as a result of Storm Alex last weekend has left many households, communities and businesses once again counting the cost of flooding.

Residents in Oxford, Bampton and Woodstock were among those who felt the impact of the latest deluge, from the inconvenience caused by excess surface water, to the dangers posed by sewage flooding into people’s homes and gardens.

The risks, the misery, and the financial implications of flooding are all-too familiar to many in the county. And while the impact of storms and heavy rain can leave many feeling helpless, much is being done around the county to alleviate the issue – and there is plenty that householders and businesses can do themselves.

An unrivalled online source of information is Oxfordshire County Council’s Oxfordshire Flood Toolkit – a one-stop shop full of advice about what to do and how to get help before, during and after a flooding incident.

Oxfordshire County Council leader Ian Hudspeth said the onset of winter was a good time to remind people what sort of preparations they need to think about now – as well as what to do if their property becomes flooded.

Cllr Hudspeth said: “Whatever sort of information you are looking for about the issue of flooding, we are confident the Oxfordshire Flood Toolkit will be able to point you in the right direction.

“Flooding can turn people’s lives upside down, devastate their homes and destroy their treasured possessions. In the worst cases it can even threaten lives.

“That is why it pays to arm yourself with some knowledge and make your preparations in advance. There are plenty of measures you can take which can help prevent the worst impact of flooding, and they are all laid out in the Toolkit.”

The Toolkit will tell you if you live in a flood risk area, help you sign up to receive free flood warnings, make preparations – both as individual households and as a community – and advise you on what to do in an emergency.

It will also help you find out which organisations are responsible for different aspects of flood management, and has contact details for them – whether you are enquiring as a homeowner, landowner, community or business.

“Not surprisingly, most people never want to think about their homes being affected by flooding,” added Cllr Hudspeth. “But a bit of preparation can make all the difference when the water levels start rising.”

For more details, log on to www.oxfordshirefloodtoolkit.com