Top tips to stay safe on the roads this winter

Here Station Manager Mick Clarke, Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service’s Road Safety Manager gives his ten top tips for safe motoring when the weather turns bad.
He says: “Follow these top tips to stop yourself coming unstuck this winter; let’s keep the county moving.”

1. Be prepared! Both your vehicle and you should be in the best shape possible; here’s how;
2. Clear your screen before you go. Both inside and out! Don’t be tempted to clear a small area and drive as this will seriously reduce your visibility.
3. Dress appropriately. If you do break down, you may have to walk to assistance. Carry or wear something reflective.
4. Check fluid levels. Make sure you have enough juice! In your car, your phone and your washer bottle.
5. How good are your tyres? Tread depth and correct pressure will be all the more important now. Refer to your vehicle’s manual if unsure.
6. Keep your distance. In the wet, stopping distances double; in ice and snow these can increase tenfold.
7. Be smooth with your braking, accelerating and steering to reduce your chances of a skid.
8. Tell someone you’re coming. Let them know what time to expect you and if necessary, which route you’re taking.
9. Plan ahead! for long journeys check both your route and the weather in the area.
10. Give yourself more time. If the weather turns really bad, you’ll be glad you did.

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