Temporary classrooms for Windmill Primary School

Four to five temporary classrooms will be opened at Headington’s Windmill Primary School over the next month while structural repairs are made to parts of the main school buildings.

The school informed parents in a letter on Friday 25 October in advance of the half term holiday. Windmill Primary opened as usual on Monday, after half-term.

The head teacher has made arrangements to accommodate children relocated from their normal classrooms. Those classes started back two days later than the rest of the school. The school will continue communicating directly with parents.

George Eleftheriou, Director for Property, Investment & FM, from Oxfordshire County Council, said:

“We recently conducted a site survey looking at conditions of the school buildings.

“Due to their age, some parts have deteriorated to a point where immediate work is needed to ensure their structural integrity.

“The safety and welfare of children and teachers is always our number one priority; and while no one was in any danger, we concluded that work should take place as soon as possible to preserve the buildings and repair damage.

“Temporary classrooms will allow the school to continue providing education for every pupil, with minimal disruption.”