Road repairs roll on across Oxfordshire

People across Oxfordshire are continuing to see enhanced investment in highway maintenance and the first results from the county council’s massive £32m repair and improvement investment programme this year.

In May the resurfacing crews completed 59,2381m2 of surfacing, working nearly 30,000 staff hours. The pothole and road defects team also fixed 1,820 more problems in the lockdown period than the same period last year.

Having finished that task the focus has now moved to resurfacing and larger-scale resurfacing and patching projects.

Work currently underway or complete so far includes:

  • Lew Heath
  • Beaumont Road Banbury
  • Ock Street Abingdon
  • Spring Lane Watlington
  • Manor Road South Hinksey
  • A417 Challow Road Wantage
  • B480 Chiselhampton
  • B4030 Barton House
  • B4027 Millford Bridge
  • A4095 North Leigh, Boddington
  • London Road, Wheatley

The crews will soon to start working at:

  • Honey Bottom Lane
  • Berrick Salome Parsonage Farm
  • Kidlington bus stops - The Broadway
  • Kidlington bus stops - Oxford Road
  • A4095 Southwold Lane Roundabout
  • A4185/A417 Rowstock Roundabout

County Councillor Liam Walker, Cabinet member for Highways Delivery and Operations, said: “This is great news for communities, businesses and commuters across Oxfordshire and will help greatly as the ever-changing COVID-19 situation progresses.

“I want to thank our teams who have been working very hard during lockdown and also the public who have been quite positive when they have seen the results.

“We are committed to getting the most out of every pound that we spend on Oxfordshire’s roads. That means targeting our money where it will make the biggest improvements and also working with our contractors to research and use innovative techniques that could make our money go further.”