Public health chief repeats “stay indoors” warning with good weather ahead

Oxfordshire people have been asked to keep strictly to the Government’s advice and stay indoor in the coming days and weeks as we head towards the peak of the epidemic.

The call comes from Oxfordshire County Council’s Director for Public Health Ansaf Azhar.

He said: We’re in April now, the evenings are lighter, the forecast for this weekend is for warmer weather – and there’ll be a huge temptation for people to head outdoors and enjoy the countryside.

“My advice does not differ from the Government’s one bit. Stay indoors and do not increase the risk to you and others, including your loved ones. It is essential that you follow this guidance. There is now high level of Coronavirus transmission in the community and it is really important to stay indoors to protect yourself and others.

“We all remember the images of people outdoors a couple of weekends ago – and it was these images that led to the Government imposing increased restrictions for people’s own safety.

“The peak of the Coronavirus situation in the UK is likely to be in the next week or two and if people either locally or nationally relax now, they run the risk of substantially increasing the rate of infection and overwhelming our NHS. Please abide by the rules and stay at home to protect yourself, protect the NHS and save lives”