Proposal for the contribution to mental health budgets - Reply to open letter to councillors

A proposed reduction in Oxfordshire County Council’s contribution to mental health budgets that sit with the NHS would see some of the money reinvested to meet the rising demand in services for adults with special educational needs and protecting vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect.

Throughout recent years the county council has protected its contribution to mental health services of working age, which is delivered via a partnership with Oxford Health. The proposed reduction would see this contribution drop from £8m to £6.4m – although the county council spends much more than this on mental health support outside the contract with Oxford Health.

Oxfordshire County Council is committed to working with providers of these services and people who use the services in order to work out how and if necessary savings can be delivered effectively and with the least impact on people who use services. As in much of the county local government in Oxfordshire is facing unprecedented budget challenges, impacted further by growing demand for our key service areas.

Oxfordshire County Council is also investing around £5m extra each year in adult social care to cater for the increased numbers and complexity of people accessing adult social care services due to population growth and people living longer.

The council has very difficult decisions to make in all areas of our business and will review all proposals in the new year, having listened to the views of our partners and residents. Councillors will then make final decisions in order to deliver sustainable services across Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire County Council is inviting residents to give their feedback on its budget proposals. You can take part in the consultation here