Praise for the inspirational professionals who continue to deliver county services

Carers for the vulnerable, elderly adults and children and firefighters are among frontline staff being praised for continuing to deliver high quality services in Oxfordshire despite the current difficult circumstances.

Oxfordshire County Council Leader Councillor Hudspeth has also praised the many staff who have been working from home so that other services continue to operate – including unsung heroes in IT, HR and other areas who have worked around the clock to make sure staff have been able to continue to deliver.

He said: “The national round of applause for NHS workers was absolutely fantastic and much deserved. I’d like to record my appreciation to our local NHS staff who go the extra mile for the people of this county on a daily basis even in normal times.

“Here at Oxfordshire County Council there are similarly inspirational and dedicated professionals working in children’s social care and in adult social care looking after vulnerable elderly people and those with physical or learning difficulties. Their work continues – they can’t work from home. They are out in communities helping people and they deserve our recognition.

“I’d also like to mention our highways teams who are working hard to keep roads safe and other services such as trading standards, the registration service and firefighters who are still responding to the day to day needs of Oxfordshire people with their usual high standards.

“These are exceptionally difficult times for everyone. There’s a huge amount of adjusting and adapting going on. Thankfully technology allows us to make those adjustments in a way that would not have been possible a decade or more ago.

“However it’s not just technology, it’s also attitude. We have dedicated professionals with a brilliant attitude in all of our services. People who care and keep us safe on a daily basis. People who the people of Oxfordshire could not do without.

“I want to praise them for their continued professionalism during this difficult phase in Oxfordshire and the whole nation’s history. They are doing Oxfordshire proud.”