Pass it on... Give your unwanted possessions a new loving home

Pass it on; your unwanted possessions need some love…

Now, thanks to an initiative by Oxfordshire County Council and its contractor, new caring owners await for many out of favour items, such as old furniture, musical instruments, toys, and other household goods. The reuse scheme is designed to reduce waste going for disposal, while giving joy in a new home.

During Recycle Week (24-30 Sept), the county council and FCC Environment have launched a 12-month trial of the reuse scheme at Witney’s Dix Pit Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC), following the introduction of similar schemes at other centres.

The public are encouraged to approach a member of the team before they place their items in the skip. Anything deemed reusable is put to one side by the site staff. These items are then taken to an auction house by FCC Environment, with income generated contributing to the costs of running the household waste recycling centre service.

FCC Environment transported almost a tonne of goods on their first trip to the auction house. Since then, they have carried a treasure trove of wonders, including electric guitars, ski equipment, a child’s quad bike, and unused and still-boxed items such as a foot spa and slow cooker.

Rachel Townsend, Oxfordshire County Council’s Technical Officer for Waste Contracts, said: “We are always interested in new ways to prevent waste being thrown away, saving money and helping to protect our environment.

“This new initiative means a diverse range of products are now being re-homed, re-loved and re-used. What we’re doing at Dix Pit, with the support of FCC Environment, is positive for everyone.”

Rob Harris, FCC Environment’s Contract Operations Manager, said: “Every day we see items coming in that have a long life left in them. We’re really pleased to be working with Oxfordshire County Council to reduce waste in this way, giving still usable items a new home. The site team are looking forward to supporting this initiative.”

For further information about Oxfordshire County Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centres, visit www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/waste