Oxfordshire’s Kingfisher Team wins second award

Officers in the team have won an Alarm Award, which celebrates excellence in public service risk management. Under the category of ‘People Risk’, the Kingfisher Team was recognised for its innovative partnership work to protect children at risk of child sexual exploitation.

The Kingfisher Team developed CSE screening tools, which help the team build a picture of concerns around the county. Care plans are designed to support and protect those children identified by Kingfisher as being at risk.

The team also coordinated and supported a theatre production to raise awareness of CSE shown in 35 secondary schools across the county. Kingfisher also works closely with parents to raise awareness of the grooming process.

The team has a full time CSE Health Nurse who provides one-to-one support for children who are Kingfisher cases. The nurse has specialist training in recognising signs and symptoms of sexual exploitation.

In June, the Kingfisher Team won the children’s services award at the national MJ awards – the MJ is the trade magazine for local government.

In asking for submissions from around the country for the MJ award, judges asked for evidence of “an innovative and committed team” who has “successfully linked with different services and partners in innovative and constructive ways and created forward thinking services for children, young people and families.”

Fantastic achievement

Det Ch Insp Katy Barrow-Grint said: “This is a fantastic achievement for the Kingfisher Team and acknowledges the positive work and outcomes that agencies working together can achieve. The team works with compassion, energy and dedication to safeguard our most vulnerable children in Oxfordshire.”

Jackie Orchard TVP Risk & Business Continuity Manager said: “This award really acknowledges all the hard work done by the team and shows the positive side of risk management and how new ideas can be shared across the country.”

Recognition of expertise

Councillor Melinda Tilley, Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Children, Education and Families, said: “This second award for the Kingfisher team is due reward for the hard work being put in to protect Oxfordshire’s children. Although it is made up of people from the police, council and health service, they all operate as one unit. These awards are recognition of their expertise and work”

Further details of the Alarm ward can be found here: http://www.alarm-uk.org/events/alarm-annual-awards

The Kingfisher Team was established in November 2012 is based at Cowley Police Station. The team work together to safeguard children who are being sexually exploited or at risk of sexual exploitation and to gather intelligence and begin to case build against those who are offending against children.

The team provide an initial point of contact for advice and information where there are concerns about sexual exploitation and will act on all referrals concerning CSE that come in via Thames Valley Police or the Social Care Duty Team.

Alarm describes itself as “The Public Risk Management Association and its members are from a diverse range of public sector organisations which include: Local Government, Police forces, Fire and Rescue Services, Water Authorities, Probation Service, Universities, The Environment Agency, Housing Associations, Health Authorities, National Parks and The Construction Service Agency.