Oxfordshire’s fourth 20mph pilot scheme is unveiled

Wallingford North has become the fourth 20mph pilot scheme to be unveiled in Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire County Council completed the work last month as part of its plans to reduce the speed of the majority of the county’s 30mph roads to 20mph, where suitable and when supported by residents. It followed the installation of 20mph pilot schemes in Cuxham, Long Wittenham, and Wallingford Central, with one more pilot site approved in Kirtlington later this year.

In February, Oxfordshire County Council approved an £8 million budget for a three-year programme to support the implementation of 20mph roads across Oxfordshire.

Since the council’s Cabinet endorsed the new 20mph policy in October 2021, more than 70 communities have applied to be included in the scheme. Officers are now developing a programme to deliver this first tranche, which will include 20mph schemes within Oxford and around many of Oxfordshire’s towns and villages.

However, more applications are welcomed from communities who want to be included in the next phases. The scheme is free to town and parish councils, with the county council funding sign-only changes for areas wishing to take part, as long as locations meet the agreed criteria for 20mph restrictions.

Town and parish councils will be expected to fund any extra engineered solutions or speed-activated signs that may be required to further reduce speeds in their local areas.

Applications for 20mph streets and roads need to be supported by the parish or town council and by the relevant local county councillor. More information, including details about how to apply, is available on Oxfordshire County Council’s website.

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