Oxfordshire roads to get another multi-million pound boost

More repairs are on the way for Oxfordshire roads thanks to another major county council cash injection

Roads, bridges, drainage, pavements and streetlights will all benefit thanks to a 12- month work programme totalling £32m as part of the council’s wider investment into highway infrastructure.

Roads big and small to benefit 

Big projects on the programme for the coming financial year include Oxford Road in Banbury (pictured above), Northcourt Road in Abingdon, Burwell Drive and West End in Witney, Worcester Street, Hythe Bridge Street and George Street in Oxford.

Other work is planned for roads right across Oxfordshire meaning that communities and businesses across the county will benefit from the additional investment of £12million that the county council has again added to its maintenance budget to support the money received from central government.

Getting the most out of every pound we spend 

County Councillor Liam Walker (pictured above), Cabinet member for Highways Delivery and Operations, said: “This is great news for communities, businesses and commuters across Oxfordshire.

“We are committed to getting the most out of every pound that we spend on Oxfordshire’s roads. That means targeting our money where it will make the biggest improvements and also working with our contractors to research and use innovative techniques that could make our money go further.”

The list of projects include resurfacing, embankment repairs, road edge strengthening, surface dressing (which water proofs and extends the life of road surfaces) and recycling schemes (where we use new techniques that incorporate old road materials).

Last year the county council, with its contractors Skanska, laid an innovative new surfacing material on a road near Witney. The fully recyclable, graphene-enhanced asphalt is now being monitored on the busy main road in Curbridge to see if it outperforms standard asphalt in terms of longevity.

You can see the programme of works here.