Oxfordshire responds to ambitious transport and connectivity plan

Oxfordshire County Council has endorsed the development of a strategy which sets out a vision for a regional zero-carbon transport network by 2050.

England’s Economic Heartland are currently engaging on the first stage of a region-wide strategy which sets out a vision for the development and investment in ‘connectivity’ - the ability to travel and communicate – across an area which stretches between Swindon and Cambridgeshire.

The strategy will be out for full public consultation in 2020 and will set out the region's strategic infrastructure needs to both Government and the private sector. Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet discussed its response to the outline strategy this week. Through the discussion it was decided that an amendment would be made to the council's response so that it would include specific reference to the concerns regarding the proposed third Thames crossing at Reading as detailed in the motion agreed at the full council meeting on 10 September 2019.

Feedback from partners and stakeholders such as the county council will help to shape the development of the version that is put to the public next year.

County Councillor Ian Hudspeth, Leader of Oxfordshire County Council, said: “Oxfordshire County Council is committed to its own carbon neutrality and it is pleasing to see this applied in the strategy to transport across the whole region.

“While there has always been a focus on transport, the idea of connectivity – providing connections that are either physical or increasingly digital – is something that is becoming increasingly important. In fact we want to see more done on improving digital connections across the region.

“Our response to the strategy is positive and constructive – we want to make sure that the strategy delivers the most for a thriving Oxfordshire in terms of economy, health and sustainability.

“We look forward to working within England’s Economic Heartland to help develop and refine the next version of the Transport Strategy over the next year.”

You can read more about England’s Economic Heartland’s Outline Transport Strategy here: http://www.englandseconomicheartland.com/latest-news/Pages/england%E2%80%99s-economic-heartland-launches-outline-transport-strategy-at-annual-conference.aspx

Oxfordshire County Council’s response as agreed by Cabinet can be found here: https://mycouncil.oxfordshire.gov.uk/documents/s48783/Background%20Document%20EEH%20Outline%20Transport%20Strategy%20-%20OCC%20Final%20Response-Following%20consideration%20at%20C.pdf