Oxfordshire firefighters launch new lightweight, safety-first uniforms

Oxfordshire firefighters show off their new uniforms: Crew Manager Justin Stanley; Watch Manager Ellis Bicknell, from Kidlington Fire Station.


Firefighters in Oxfordshire will be better equipped to keep residents safe, thanks to new lightweight, fire resistant uniforms.

Oxfordshire is at the forefront of emergency services’ uniform design, as the county’s firefighters begin wearing their new highly visible ‘rescue jackets’ at road traffic collisions. And updated safety tunics when attending fires and other of emergencies.

The uniforms offer enhanced fire protection and are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate both male and female firefighters.

They are lighter to wear; essential as crews often attend incidents for lengthy periods of time.

Rob MacDougall, Chief Fire Officer, Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service, said:

“Our crews need first-class uniforms to protect them when fighting fires, freeing people trapped in cars, during water rescues, and entering collapsed structures.

“It is essential they are wearing kit that’s designed with the latest safety features. A uniform that gives them complete confidence.”

The gold-coloured kit clearly shows signs of dirt, such as soot or other contamination, meaning it can be spotted quickly and removed; a simple but innovative feature.

Firefighters begin wearing the new kit, designed and supplied by Bristol Uniforms, this month. 

The uniforms will be standard across the region, following a national collaborative procurement process.