New cameras to focus on important Oxford bus lanes

Oxfordshire County Council has announced plans to introduce new cameras to help enforce bus lanes in the city with the aim of ensuring bus journey times are maintained and only authorised vehicles use them.

The cameras will be installed at existing ‘bus gates’ in the city where camera enforcement is already carried out using a manual camera system. The council is also consulting on plans to enable enforcement at four additional locations create four new bus lane enforcement sites where the cameras will be used.

At the moment enforcement is carried out using cameras which require staff to review footage and capture vehicle numbers in order to issue Penalty Charge Notices. Under the new system Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology will be used, making for a more efficient process.

The new locations for camera enforcement are:

  • Seacourt Park and Ride, Botley Road
  • Folly Bridge
  • Abingdon Road
  • Barton Park

There are existing bus gates at:

  • High Street
  • George Street
  • Castle Street
  • Magdalen Street

Paul Fermer, Assistant Director Highways and Transport Operations, said: “Buses are a major part of Oxford’s sustainable transport system and it is important that key areas are kept free of traffic.

“New cameras will improve our ability to carry out enforcement as a last resort if drivers do not heed the signs that are up.

“Last year more than 27,500 people were caught driving through the bus gates in Oxford. Any revenue made from enforcement once costs have been covered is ring-fenced to transport projects in the city.”

Have your say on bus lane changes

The county council is also consulting on plans to extend bus lanes on Botley Road and Barton Fields and formalise other arrangements currently in place around the city.

More details of these proposals are available online at https://consultations.oxfordshire.gov.uk/consult.ti/OxfordBusLanesANPR/consultationHome, or in person at County Hall, Oxford, OX1 1ND, between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.