National Volunteer Week: Read about Samantha and her work with a mental health charity

This week (June 1-7) is National Volunteers Week and today we focus on the work of Samantha with a mental health charity in Oxford.

Sometimes an opportunity comes up when you least expect it and for Samantha, that happened one day when walking home as she spotted the Restore offices in Oxford.

She said: "I had been looking for an administrative volunteering opportunity and as I passed the offices one day, I thought I would pop in and see what was available". Soon after Samantha became a part of the team at Manzil Way.

Restore is an Oxfordshire based mental health charity, supporting people to take control of their recovery, develop skills and lead meaningful lives. As a volunteer receptionist and administrator, Samantha gets to speak and work alongside a whole range of people and enjoys every aspect of it.

She said: "I have learned new skills, networked with other agencies and developed my teamwork skills, as well as making new friendships along the way."

The experience Samantha has gained during her time volunteering, which includes bookkeeping, has built her self-esteem and contributed to her CV ‘

Samantha added: "I can demonstrate the different skills I have developed during my time at Restore, it has given me such confidence that I now know my unseen disability does not define me, my hard work does.’

If you find yourself stumbling across an opportunity on your way home, and are wondering whether you should pop in like Samantha, her advice to you is simpe: ‘DO IT! Pass on your knowledge, wisdom and skills – it has been the best life decision I have made."

For more information about Restore, please visit restore.org.uk