Music service on song at major awards

The first is from the National Music Council in recognition of the work of music services and the support given by the local authorities across the country. The trophy is awarded to the authority that demonstrates the most substantial overall commitment to music during the year in question April 2011 to March 2012.

County Councillor Ian Hudspeth, Leader of the county council, said: “We know that our music service does some wonderful work all year round with the county’s aspiring musicians, but to have this officially recognized twice in a month is fantastic.”

This is the first time that Oxfordshire has won the award which it will share with Poole and Bournemouth music service. The awards ceremony took place at the Southbank Centre in London.

Head of the County Music Service, Tony Mealings, said: “We’re really thrilled to be acknowledged in this way for all our hard work encouraging music making in Oxfordshire. This is an award for all our staff.”

Oxfordshire’s music service brings together around 100 staff who each week work with around ten thousand children, young people and adults. They work in schools, run Saturday centres, holiday courses, workshops and organise concerts in Oxfordshire and abroad.

Well known musicians who have come through the music service ranks include composer Howard Goodall who wrote the theme music for Red Dwarf, QI, Black Adder and Vicar of Dibley and is a presenter on Classic FM. Concert pianist Tom Poster, conductor and trumpeter Daniel Harding and notable academic Prof.Marcus de Sautoy have also received tuition and performed with the music service.

The service has also been told that it will also receive the Diploma of Merit from the Will Michael jazz awards for the number of jazz opportunities made available by the music service for the people of Oxfordshire. This will be presented at the Royal Academy of Music later in the month.

For more information on the music service, visit: http://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/public-site/music-service