Met Office issues Level 2 heat alert for Oxfordshire

The Met Office have issued a level 2 heatwave alert this morning for many parts of the south of England and Midlands including Oxfordshire and neighbouring areas.

Advice routinely issued nationally by health professionals in such circumstances is as follows.

  • Stay out of the heat and direct sunlight as much as possible
  • Drink plenty of cool fluids and avoid alcohol and caffeine and hot drinks
  • Keep windows that are exposed to the sun closed during the day, and open windows at night when the temperature has dropped.

Danger symptoms to watch out for in hot weather include:

  • feeling faint and dizzy
  • short of breath
  • vomiting
  • increasing confusion.

Take immediate action if danger symptoms of heatstroke are present:

  • Take action to cool down as soon as possible
  • Seek further advice from NHS 111, a doctor, or ring 999 if a person has collapsed.

Those with heart, respiratory and serious health problems are more at risk and the heat can make these conditions worse. Babies and young children are also especially at risk.

Many prescription medicines can reduce your tolerance of heat. You should keep taking your medicine but take extra care to keep cool. If in doubt contact your GP.

Keep an eye on isolated or elderly neighbours, ill or very young people and make sure they are able to keep cool.