Meet Joanne: our volunteer supporting the Covid-19 vaccination programme

Press play to hear Joanne Fisher speak about her vaccinator experience ...

It's a year since the first UK lockdown began to slow down the spread of Coronavirus.

Throughout the pandemic, the Adult social care team continues to work with commitment and dedication to support the needs of our residents across Oxfordshire.

Let’s introduce you to Joanne Fisher who works with our Adult social care team as a Coordinator.

Joanne explains her 'day job' of five years, saying ‘I support people who have eligible needs in line with a piece of legislation called the Care Act. My role is all about making sure residents have the correct support around them to ensure they can live their daily lives as independently as possible’

Recently, Joanne decided to volunteer and join the Covid-19 vaccination programme and train to be a vaccinator, in addition to her 'day job'.

Joanne’s training means she can undertake three roles to support the vaccination programme as a:

  • Volunteer Patient Advocate - a person to support the welfare of patients on the day of the vaccine appointment
  • Vaccination Care Volunteer - to support patients from arrival to discharge, especially if first aid and medical support is needed during the vaccine appointment
  • A Volunteer Vaccinator – who administers the vital vaccine to patients

Press play to hear from Joanne and her first-hand experience. She explains the thorough training process with St John Ambulance, how she feels to volunteer and when her first shift could take place.

Thank you to Joanne for sharing her story.