Local firm appointed to clear dumped waste from Redbridge Hollow site

Specialists will begin removing dumped waste from near the Redbridge Hollow traveller site at the end of September.

M&M Skip Hire Ltd/M&M Waste Solutions, Worton Park, Cassington, have been appointed as contractors to remove the waste that has previously been dumped at the site. This will come at a cost of £65,000 to the taxpayer.

Waste will be removed from an empty area of land at the entrance to the traveller site, the highway verge adjacent to the site and in the field to the right of the road that leads to nearby allotments.

Councillor Judith Heathcoat, the Deputy Leader of Oxfordshire County Council said: “The actions of a small number of irresponsible people have cost the general taxpayer £65,000. Along with Vale of White Horse District Council and Oxford City Council we are committed to identifying and taking action against those who undertake this criminal act.

“Anyone arranging for waste to be removed from their business or home has a duty to ensure that the waste is going to be properly disposed of and could be fined if they fail to do this. People should not under-estimate the determination of local councils to enforce this. The play area has long been promised and we will continue to work with site residents who are committed to work with us to prevent further illegal waste tipping.”

“We are looking forward to the site being cleared and a new chapter beginning.”

Oxford City Council are to meet a proportion of the costs.

Richard Webb, Head of Community Protection Services at Oxfordshire County Council, said: “We cannot prove who illegally tipped this waste although the Vale of White Horse Council has been able to fine one person for tipping waste in the site entrance road. If we secure evidence that proves who has been doing the tipping then formal legal action is likely.

“We have held discussions with site residents and they are committed to working with us to prevent further illegal waste tipping. They will be monitoring the land that has been affected by the tipping and reporting anyone seen undertaking this criminal activity to us for investigation.”

The children’s play area

A new children’s play area will be constructed at a cost of £35,000. This will include a selection of play equipment and some open space for ball games. The site residents and the county council’s Gypsy and Traveller Service will be maintaining the area.

There are a number of families living on the site with children who will want to use the play area. The residents are committed to working with the council to keep this area clear of waste in the future.

Cllr Heathcoat said: “The play area has long been promised and we will continue to work with site residents who are committed to working with us to prevent further illegal waste tipping.”

Investigating and pursuing reports

Cllr Elaine Ware, Cabinet Member for Environmental Health at Vale of White Horse District Council, said: “We are pleased to hear that the county council has agreed to remove the waste and install the new play area. We will continue to investigate and pursue any evidence or reports of fly tipping in the area. If you see anyone dumping rubbish or have information which may assist our investigations please report it.”

Councillor John Tanner, Oxford City Council Board Member for a Clean and Green Oxford, said: “I am pleased that at long last this rubbish eyesore is being removed. This is good news for local residents and allotment holders. But councils really have better things to spend money on than clearing up other people’s fly-tipping.”

To report fly-tipping in the Vale of White Horse or South Oxfordshire please call 03000 610610.