Keep an eye on river levels over the New Year bank holiday

Rainfall is forecast at various times during the New Year period, particularly this coming weekend, and there are a range of web pages providing useful information to the public.

Flood alerts and flood warnings for the nation as a whole and the South East in particular are published here

River levels for various watercourses in and around Oxfordshire are monitored here

An alternative resource for monitoring river levels near you can be found here

The three day flood risk for individual parts of England and Wales is updated daily by the Environment Agency and posted here

The Met Office's Rainfall radar can be monitored here.

You can also check for power cuts in your area here: https://www.ssepd.co.uk/Powertrack/

Carol Mackay, Oxfordshire County Council’s Principal Emergency Planning Officer, said: “River levels have generally been well within range although they have been responding to recent bouts of rain.

“With wet weather forecast to continue throughout the New Year period, river levels may respond further and we have already seen the Environment Agency issue its lowest level of alert on some fast responding smaller watercourses in anticipation of rainfall.

“The flood alert asks people to be aware that some flooding may be possible.

“People may be tempted by canal and river towpath walks to burn off those extra calories during the New Year Bank holiday period. If there are signs up saying that the towpath or land adjacent to a river or stream is not passable because river levels have risen, please obey such signage. Such signs are not put up unless there is a risk to walkers.”

“The county council and its partner agencies will all be keeping an eye on river levels and ask residents to do the same.”