Heyford Park

In common with all other areas of the country there are longstanding contingency plans to provide extra mortuary space during emergency situations.

Partners from organisations including the NHS, registration services, coroner’s office and local authorities have been meeting regularly to consider requirements that may be placed upon Oxfordshire during the Coronavirus outbreak.

This has led to a temporary place of rest facility being prepared at the former RAF base at Heyford Park, which will be used if required.

There will be a very strong commitment to the dignity and respect required in dealing with the deceased and bereaved families, including all faiths and traditions.

All of the normal standards and protocols relating to mortuary facilities will be observed at this site, which will be managed in line with national requirements.

The site will be managed in a way that does not cause difficulties for residents in the local area, including those in the village of Upper Heyford.

A total of three units have been identified on the Heyford Park site, with a set-up providing a total capacity to store up to 1,480 bodies.