Traffic calming measures completed in Goring

A series of traffic calming measures in Goring, brought in as a result of road safety concerns, have been completed.

Oxfordshire County Council carried out the work, consisting of a traffic calming buildout, flat top road hump and realigned footway on High Street. The measures were requested by Goring Parish Council, which also provided the majority of the funding and worked on the design. The rest came from the county council’s parish support budget.

Councillor Eddie Reeves, Oxfordshire County Council Cabinet Member for Highways Operations and Delivery, said: “We are pleased to have been able to complete this project at Goring Parish Council’s request which, we believe, will make the situation safer for all road users and pedestrians, and also benefit local businesses.”

The traffic calming measures, which were included in the Goring Neighbourhood Plan, were supported by the majority of residents who responded to a consultation on the matter. The plans were amended to alleviate concerns raised about some of the features.

Goring Parish Councillor, David Brooker, said: “As well as much positive community feedback, the parish council believes that the completed works have already improved safety in High Street for pedestrians and mobility impaired people, which in turn we hope will improve footfall to local shops.”

The parish council will monitor the impact of the scheme over the next 12 months to see whether further action needs to be considered.