Get up to date on the Oxford flood alleviation scheme

A series of public drop-in events re planned so that anyone with an interest in the progress of the Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme can get up to date.

The sessions are:

2pm - 8pm, Thursday 11 May, West Oxford Community Centre, OX2 0BT

2pm- 8pm, Friday 12 May, South Oxford Community Centre, OX1 4RP2 

2pm - 8pm, Monday 15 May, Oxford Deaf & Hard of Hearing Centre, OX1 1RL2

2pm - 8pm, Thursday 18 May, St Luke’s Church, OX1 4XB


Background to the scheme

There are 4,500 properties in Oxford at a 1% or higher annual risk of flooding. This figure could rise to nearly 6,000 by the year 2080 with the predicted effects of climate change.

Major roads, railway lines, schools and businesses could also be affected by flooding. The Environment Agency carries out regular maintenance activities and operates its assets to reduce the flood risk as much as possible, reducing this to 1,800 properties at risk.

During heavy rainfall and high flows on the river, the new channel would provide additional capacity and help manage the movement of water through Oxford. It would reduce the risk of flood water entering homes, businesses and disrupting transport links. 

The flood relief channel scheme has funding from central government, the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, Thames Regional Flood and Coastal Committee and local councils, but needs further contributions to enable construction. This is the standard way in which flood schemes are funded today.

Provided the scheme is fully approved and funded, the earliest work can be expected to start is spring 2018. Construction is expected to be completed by 2022.

You can read more about the scheme here.