Fixing the roads and more in Oxfordshire

Every day there are teams working on Oxfordshire’s roads making repairs and attending to a range of problems reported to us by you online via Fix My Street.

When you report something to us one of our inspectors will visit and decide what action need to be taken and schedule work with one of our local response teams.

During June you reported around 5,500 problems to us online. Using Fix My Street means that the reports go straight to the highway team – a more direct route than social media or even email.

Our crews repair lots of potholes but there’s more to the work they do on the county’s highways.


Things like blocked drains, dislodged kerbs, overgrown foliage and accident damaged signs all get attended to over the course of the week. Our contractors are sometimes off the beaten track fixing relatively minor things on one day and another they could be replacing essential safety barriers on a high speed road following a crash.

The crews even get round to fixing things like steps and railings which mean a great deal to people living in villages in the county.

You can find out more about just some of the small, and sometimes large, pieces of work out teams have been doing recently by clicking on the links above. And, as the stories prove, it is worth reporting things to us.

If you spot something that we need to know about, whether it’s a pothole, blocked drain or obscured sign, report it to us online via https://fixmystreet.oxfordshire.gov.uk