Fix My Street app improvements for quicker and more efficient response

Oxfordshire’s Fix My Street app, which allows residents to report potholes, faulty streetlights and a host of other street defects and queries, has been updated.

The number of categories has been streamlined but they have now been split up into sub-categories to make it easier for people to find the section they are looking for.

In some cases, more information and illustrations have been provided to help users choose the most appropriate category.

The changes are aimed at reducing the number of reports sent to the wrong department or council, which can delay the problem being resolved.

Councillor Andrew Gant, Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport Management, said: “We are incredibly grateful to all the people who take the time and effort to report matters to us on Fix My Street. They are our eyes and ears around the county, alerting us to issues affecting their neighbourhoods, which have not been picked up by our highways team’s routine inspections.

“Users may notice that we have made some tweaks to the system, which we hope will make it more straightforward for users and quicker for us and our partners at the city and district councils to deal with problems.”

The updated version also includes an aerial map of the county, as well as a regular map, to help people pinpoint the location of the problem.

The changes will be monitored over the next three months to see what impact they have, and the views of users will be sought.

More than 1,000 reports are regularly made to Fix My Street every week, with users encouraged to include photographs of the defect to help the inspectors.

Where the issue is Oxfordshire County Council’s responsibility, an inspector will prioritise it depending on how dangerous it is and the person making the report will be kept up to date on its progress.

The Fix My Street app can still be found on Oxfordshire County Council’s website.

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