Key dates set out as Oxfordshire looks ahead to a big day of elections on May 6

Voters in Oxfordshire are being reminded of a list of key dates during Spring in the lead up to a big day of elections on Thursday, May 6.

All 63 seats at Oxfordshire County Council will be up for election on May 6 with a third of seats Cherwell District Council also set to be put before the electorate. Elsewhere in the county, Oxford City Council also has all of its seats up for election and West Oxfordshire District Council has elections for a proportion of its seats.

Meanwhile there is the election for the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner on May 6 with various town and parish councils will also be taking place

Exercise your democratic right

Yvonne Rees the Chief Executive at Cherwell District Council and Oxfordshire County Council  said: “It’s coming to the time of year when there’s the opportunity for people to exercise their democratic right to vote for those they want to represent them on issues that affect them and their families.

“Councils around the country are currently in the process of planning to make sure polling stations and the election counts are safe places for all. We recognise there will obviously be concerns so ensuring COVID compliance is a priority for us.

“There will be more information in due course but hand sanitisers, screens, social distancing and face masks will be part of planning to allow people to vote with confidence.

“In the meantime there are key dates that people should put in their diaries. This is so that they can ensure they are registered to vote or know how they can apply in a timely way for a postal vote. It’s also important that people have an awareness of who will be standing for election.

“Please be aware of these dates. There will be further reminders nearer the time.”

What are the key dates?

On Monday, March 29 a formal notice of election will be published and then the next key date will be Friday, April 9 when a notice of people nominated to stand in the election will be published.

Monday, 19 April (at 11:59 pm)  is the deadline for people to register to vote if you haven’t already. Tuesday, April 20 (no later than 5pm) is the deadline for receiving new postal vote applications for all these elections. You can apply for a postal vote here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/apply-for-a-postal-vote .