Don’t let end of exams bring tragedy

Safety experts fear expected hot weather and the end of this month’s GCSE and A-level exam season could add up to a lethal cocktail.

Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service community safety manager Chris Barber said: “Hot weather, end of exam celebrations and the temptation to cool off by swimming in unsupervised bodies of water could add up to a tragedy.

“In Drowning Prevention Week, we are reminding young people, parents and others who are tempted to cool off in the county’s rivers, canals lakes, reservoirs and quarries of the very real risks they run.

“Drowning is among the leading causes of accidental death in the UK especially of young people with around 60 youngsters dying each year.

“Many hundreds more are left with life-changing conditions after near drowning incidents.

“At unsupervised sites the water will be much colder than you might expect and can often be very deep and contain underwater snags that you can’t see. And especially never go into the water after drinking alcohol.

“If you do see someone getting into difficulties, dial 999, shout for help and try and throw something that floats to them. Do not enter the water yourself.”

Further advice can be found at http://www.365alive.co.uk/cms/content/open-water-and-riverbanks