Nominations Open for Oxfordshire’s “Covid-19 Heroes” Awards

Incoming High Sheriff for Oxfordshire, Imam Monawar Hussain, is inviting award nominations to honour those who have played their part in the battle against COVID-19.

The awards will celebrate those we have most to thank as the county comes to terms with the last year. While there has been great suffering and sadness caused by the pandemic, there have been many tales of hope and heroism.

In his first act since becoming high sheriff for the county, Imam Hussain says he feels there are people who have not received the recognition they deserve during the last twelve months.

He said: “I have seen bravery and heroism on a daily basis throughout the county over the last year and we must recognise that we still need those qualities because we are far from the finishing line at the moment.

“Nevertheless, we have seen many inspirational tales of altruism and love from across our communities towards those who are needy and to keep our county moving, despite the personal risk.“I want to highlight their stories by dedicating the high sheriff heroes awards to those making contributions, be they individuals, voluntary groups or businesses. But I need your help in nominating those who have carried out exceptional acts, during but not exclusively through the pandemic.”

To nominate, email oxfordshire@highsheriffs.com for an application form.