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County council smooths the way on Banbury paths

Two footways in Banbury have benefitted from Oxfordshire County Council investment in the last few weeks.


West Street and Ferriston both came to the attention of engineers who found that they were suffering due to having been dug up by utility companies and had vehicles driving over them in the past.

Their state made using the footways difficult, particularly for people with disabilities or push chairs.

Cracks filled and sealed

Both locations had cracks filled and sealed and then a 25mm overlay to ensure a smooth surface. This process provides a smooth surface, prevents water damage, extends the life of the footway and means that large amounts of material doesn’t need to be dug up and sent to landfill.

Crossing points

On Ferriston the county council has also provided lowered and textured crossing points across Ferriston and Highlands suitable for all users that gives access to the bus stop on the north footway for pedestrians on the south footway.

The total cost of both schemes is just over £64,800 which comes from Oxfordshire County Council’s Footway Programme budget.

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