Council probes Thames Water’s Oxfordshire reservoir proposals

A series of questions have been raised by Oxfordshire County Council about Thames Water’s plans to build a huge new reservoir to the south of Abingdon between Steventon and Marcham.

The council’s cabinet was asked to endorse a response to Thames Water’s consultation on the idea – which is part of its wider strategy for the South-East of England in coming decades.

The company’s Draft Water Resources Management Plan proposes a new reservoir near Abingdon which will not only support the forecast needs of the Thames Water area but also some of the needs of the wider South-East.

In response to the consultation the council has asked for more detail on Thames Water’s calculations for growth in population and water usage for coming years that underpin the reservoir proposal.

The council has also asked how much of the water from the reservoir would be sold to other water companies.

A report to councillors also urged Thames Water to speed up their programme of leakage reduction' to 'delay the need for a reservoir as long as possible'.

as well as pointing out that there is a 'lack of clarity on whether potential sites have been assessed across the South East region'.

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Following the cabinet’s deliberations a formal response will now be submitted to Thames Water’s consultation. Local residents who also wish to respond can do so here .

The full report that was considered by the county council’s cabinet can be viewed here.