Community cuts street speed to 20mph

Speed limits in Pyrton Lane in Watlington have been reduced from 30mph to 20mph following a request from Watlington Parish Council.

Councillor Tim Bearder, Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways Management, approved the change on Thursday. It will also include two flat top road humps and a speed cushion funded by the parish council to slow down vehicles.

Cllr Bearder said: “This is another example of communities requesting action to make their neighbourhoods safer and more pleasant places to live. Having visited the area myself, this speed reduction makes perfect sense to slow down the traffic in that area.”

The change is expected to encourage more pupils to walk or cycle to school and make it safer for pedestrians.

In October, Oxfordshire County Council endorsed proposals to make it simpler, quicker and less cost prohibitive to lower speeds to 20mph on most urban areas and village streets in places where it is both suitable and supported by residents.

Now other towns, villages and parishes that want to reduce their speed limits are being urged to get their applications in to be included in the first tranche of changes.

The scheme is free to town and parish councils as the county council will fund sign-only changes. Locations must meet the prior agreed criteria for 20mph restrictions.

Town and parish councils will be expected to fund any traffic calming measures or speed-activated signs that may be required to further reduce speeds in their local areas.

The applications need to be supported by the parish or town council and by the local county councillor.

More information, including details about how to apply, is available on Oxfordshire County Council’s website.

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