#ClapforCarers & praising our front line teams in Oxfordshire

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We want to applaud, cheer and shout for our NHS workers as they continue their efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and save lives across the UK. We are grateful for the self-less dedication, commitment and courage of our friends, families and colleagues and we want your help to acknowledge all of the efforts and hard work.

The weekly occasion that was first held on Thursday 26 March, takes place every Thursday at 8pm dubbed "Clap for our Carers" has seen a huge amount of support across the UK and the county as people open their doors and windows to applaud NHS staff. ‚ÄčAnnemarie Plas is the woman behind it all, and she explains what inspired the idea.

We also want to thank you to those in the care sector who go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver essential and flexible services. Key workers such as emergency services, armed services, delivery drivers, shop workers, teachers, waste collectors, manufacturers, postal workers, cleaners, vets, engineers and all those who are out there making an unbelievable difference to our lives in these challenging times. We are grateful for all that you do!

  • Children and parents thank dedicated Oxfordshire teachers and staff - see more here.
  • Our Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service have been showing their solidarity with the other frontline workers. The crew from the Slade Fire Station in Oxford, have been showing their support outside the John Radcliffe Hospital recently.
  • Our friends at the John Radcliffe hospital have been sharing colourful images to say thank you - see more.  You can email your letter and pictures to keepintouch@ouh.nhs.uk to let patients know you're thinking of them. The pictures will be printed and delivered to different wards. Visit this link for more.
  • Our colleagues at NHS Oxford Health have created a great collection of photos to sum up the sentiment. See more here.
  • Villages and towns across the county have been showing their support by creating their colour rainbow drawings to symbolise solidarity and hope.
  • Thank you to the outstanding IT teams who have provided us with ways to connect and provide online services to our residents - see more.
  • We have been praising our carers who look after vulnerable and elderly adults and deliver high quality care services in Oxfordshire, during the coronavirus outbreak. Read more. 

Remember: stay home - save lives - save the NHS.

Please share this message of gratitude with anyone who works in the care industry, across the county.

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