Oxfordshire firefighters clap for NHS

Firefighters have been showing their appreciation to health workers and other essential services by clapping for the NHS outside fire stations and hospitals across Oxfordshire.

Pictured are some of the crew from Oxford’s Slade Park Fire Station, showing their support outside John Radcliffe Hospital.

Matt Dangerfield, Watch Manager Blue Watch, Slade Park Fire Station, said: “The majority of fire fighters have families with young ones. They’re all concerned about them, particularly elderly relatives in relation to Covid-19.

“We all fully appreciate the incredible work of NHS staff, carers and everyone involved in fighting to protect the public from this pandemic. We are in awe at the workloads and commitment given by them.

“Our once a week clap for carers / clap for the NHS is a small way that we can show our appreciation for their hard work and efforts.

“It is our way of showing solidarity with other emergency services. Hopefully it may just give them a little boost, make them smile or show that we do care.”