Candidates published for County Council elections

May 2017 Local elections (England)

Elections to Oxfordshire County Council are now less than three weeks away and the list of candidates for each area of the county has now been published.

All 63 county council seats will be up for election and residents all over Oxfordshire began to receive polling cards during the last week of March - provided they are on the electoral register.

A number of existing county councillors have decided to stand down.

Candidates standing for election

The full list of candidates standing is available here. The last day for people to register to vote in this election was Thursday April 13.

The last date to apply for a postal and postal proxy vote is Tuesday 18 April and the last date to apply for a new proxy vote is Tuesday 25 April 2017.

Polling day

Polling Day on Thursday, May 4 runs from 7.00am to 10 pm. The election count takes place on Friday, May 5 in Abingdon.

The 2013 election result

The current composition of the county council following the 2013 election and by-elections since is as follows:

Conservatives: 31 seats

Labour: 15 seats

Liberal Democrats: 11 seats

Independents: 4 seats

Greens: 2 seats

The 2013 election was the first in which 63 seats were contested. In elections previous to this there had been 74 county council seats. The reduction occurred following a boundary review.

A total of 32 seats are required for one political party to gain an overall majority at the county council.