Bicester town kindness and heritage day

Visitors to Bicester will encounter a new and exciting museum this weekend between 10am - 4pm.

The museum will appear on 26 August, 2017 in the town centre shop front which is used by OYAP. This one off event will see significant museum items be displayed in the town - some of which have never been seen by the public before.

The Oxfordshire County Council Museums Service has partnered up with local arts charity OYAP Trust to create the new and intriguing exhibition for Bicester Kindness and Heritage Day, which aims to celebrate how kindness is shown by the people of Bicester, and how it has been recorded in the past.

Visitors will see objects, big and small, curated in a space which is designed by local young people aged 12+. Object labels will be written by young people, and the objects themselves will be curated through workshops, exploring elements of ‘kindness’ important to this generation over the month of August.

Objects big and small

Young people have chosen the objects based on an inspirational session at The Museum Resource Centre, Standlake. Residents from a local retirement complex in Bicester will also benefit from having the ‘kindness’ collection bought to them for a day, again, delivered by the young people.

There is opportunity to bring along an object to be displayed alongside the ‘kindness collection’. Live art will also happen in the space, and visitors can engage and add to a discussion on kindness on a feedback wall.

The theme: Kindness and Heritage, is a blend of both OYAP’s ethos of ‘Kindness’, and The Oxfordshire Museums Service, which houses an amazing collection of over 100,000 collected objects from over Oxfordshire. Young people from OYAP will be capturing the public’s stories of past kindness which are associated with these heritage objects and displaying them in the shop space.

County Collections Project

The idea was conceived as part of the County Collections Project, aimed at bringing Oxfordshire’s museum collections to new audiences across the county. The exhibition has been funded by Arts Council England, delivered in conjunction with the Oxford University Museums Partnership.