Active travel boost for Abingdon and Wantage

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Work to help boost active travel for Oxfordshire people rolls on across the county.

Teams of road crews are out in our towns and villages refreshing lines, clearing vegetation and restoring cycle paths to their full width as part of the first phase of the county council’s long-term active travel initiative.

Recently, in Abingdon, cycle lane markings have been renewed to make them clear to all and in Wantage, as well as line replacement, work has been done to close some town centre roads to allow for social distancing for people visiting the shops.

The county council is doing a variety of work to encourage active travel across Oxfordshire and people will have noticed cycle routes being cleaned and re-lined, barriers installed in shopping areas to give more pavement space and soon new cycle racks will start to appear.

County Councillor Liam Walker, Cabinet member for highway delivery and operation, said: “It is really good to see the results of the work that our crews have been doing and I am sure that people appreciate these small improvements.

“It is important to remember that this type of work is only the start of what will be a concerted effort over months and years to gear Oxfordshire’s transport infrastructure towards sustainability.

“I would encourage people to visit places like Witney, Bicester, Oxford and Wantage where we have worked with local councils to create more space for shoppers, while ensuring drivers can also get around, to see that it is possible to support local businesses in safety.

 “I would also encourage people who started cycling, walking or running when lockdown was at its peak to keep up the good work so that they can continue to benefit from the health and environmental benefits.”