15 years of citizenship ceremonies marked at Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford


A celebration took place at The Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford, today to mark 15 years since the first citizenship ceremony was held in Oxfordshire.

We asked some of those attending what citizenship meant to them.

The ceremonies acknowledge the commitment that new citizens are making to this country and emphasise the responsibility of every citizen to uphold the values of the country.

Citizenship ceremonies take place every Thursday afternoon and are usually held in the Council Chamber at County Hall.

Alicja Gilroy, Superintendent Registrar for Oxfordshire, said: “Applications are received from all corners of the world and in Oxfordshire we welcome around 1,200 new citizens every year.

“These ceremonies have proved to be happy and joyous occasions. They give the local community and the county an opportunity to acknowledge the commitment made by the citizens and they allow for families and friends to share in the celebration.”