Your views on ageing well matter to us

Helping people stay fit and healthy for as long as possible is the key focus of a new joint Older People’s Strategy being drawn up by Oxfordshire County Council and Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group. . . and now we need your views to help shape it.

Getting people to tell us what is important to them via a survey is crucial in allowing both organisations to jointly formulate the strategy which will outline how all health and care organisations across the county work together in the next five years to help people stay well.

The strategy will also set out how we will work together when people may need more help as they age. Once we know what is important to you as you grow older, we can plan to make sure your priorities are met.

Diane Hedges, Oxfordshire CCG’s Director of Localities, explained: “We want to hear from people about how health and social care services can assist people to live longer healthy lives as they get older.

“The feedback we receive will inform our approach to developing services and support for older people in Oxfordshire. I would encourage anyone living in Oxfordshire to tell us what is important to them.”

And Benedict Leigh, Deputy Director of Adult Services at Oxfordshire County Council, said: “We want to work with you throughout the development of the new strategy.

“Part of this first stage is to get your input and to evaluate what we already know and what people have already told us; to understand what is important to people as they prepare for old age.

“Over the last few years we have spoken to many people across Oxfordshire. The main issues they raised include loneliness and isolation; transport and access to services; communication between health professionals; improved ways of working between health and social care and waiting times to see health professionals.

“We want to know if these issues are still relevant now. Please tell us what you think.”

The previous strategy ended in 2016 and we would like help to develop a new Older People’s Strategy that will run from 2019 to 2023.

Oxfordshire County Council and Oxfordshire CCG would like all interested members of the public, health and charity organisations, professionals, businesses, public sector and community groups to share their views by responding to a short survey.

It can be found online here https://bit.ly/2voELyw

A hard copy can be downloaded and sent in by freepost for those not keen on online forms. And you can also email it or telephone with your views.

Your views matter so please take time to respond. Responses will be needed by 9am on Monday, September 3.