Woodstock Road resurfacing complete by Monday - work on Radcliffe area improvements going well

Woodstock Road resurfacing

Traffic management

Work is continuing to progress well on the current phase on Woodstock Road with three-way temporary signals controlling traffic on Woodstock Road and Elizabeth Jennings Way. Oakthorpe Road and Thorncliffe Road will be closed during this phase, diversions will be in place via Beech Croft Road and Banbury Road and vice versa. This phase will remain in place until Saturday 14 July.


The main surfacing work was completed on Thursday 12 July and side road entry work being completed on Friday 13 July.

Road markings are being installed on Saturday 14 July, once this work is complete the temporary traffic signals will be removed. Gully cleaning will be carried out on Sunday 15 July with stop/go traffic management.

All traffic management will be removed by Monday 16 July.


Radcliffe Observatory Quarter project

Traffic management

Road markings were removed 24 June 2018 through the  site to enable removal of the cycle lanes and allow two-way running traffic.

Provisional bus stops have been provided outside of the works area and a temporary pedestrian crossing is in place until completion of the works. This arrangement is estimated to be in place until the end of August before moving into shuttle working under traffic signals.


Excavation between gates 1 and 3 of the Radcliff Infirmary Quarters has been completed, new realigned drain kerbs have been installed and new footway constructed. The excavation of the west kerbs and footway is under progress between Gates 1 and 5, laying of realigned kerbs and footway will follow on completion.