Woodstock Library to move into temporary home at The Oxfordshire Museum

Woodstock Library will complete its move to a temporary library in The Oxfordshire Museum this Friday (December 14).

The temporary library will be located in what was the museum’s Innovations Gallery.

A full library service in The Oxfordshire Museum will include books, public access internet, activities, printing and photocopying.

Core library opening hours will be:

  • Monday closed

  • Tuesday 10am-1.30pm

  • Wednesday 10am-5pm

  • Thursday 11am-5pm

  • Friday 11am-5pm

  • Saturday 10am-1.30pm

In addition to these core opening hours, the library will be accessible and self-service facilities available during the Museum opening hours:

  • Tuesday to Saturday 10am–5pm

  • Sundays 2pm–5pm

The book dropbox in The Oxfordshire Museum and branches in Witney, Charlbury, Eynsham and Kidlington have been well used by the people of Woodstock since the library was closed on October 29.

Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for a network of more than 40 libraries across the county. It also operates a Home Library Service and an online book service.

The county council said it remained committed to finding a permanent home for the Woodstock Library and would continue to engage with residents over the coming months. The existing library building in Hensington Road, Woodstock, will remain cordoned off in the meantime.