White working class boys research

Centre for Research in Early Childhood

The Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC), a charity based at St Thomas Children’s Centre in Birmingham was awarded funding by the Department for Education to undertake a national 12 month project to identify how the achievement levels of white working class boys can be improved.

According to Ofsted, the evidence consistently shows that`white British boys from low-income groups make less progress than most other groups’ and recent reforms have done little ‘to lift the boats’ of children from these communities.
The researchers worked with the families of 30 High Achieving White Working Class (HAWWC) Boys and identified the positive, enabling factors of their success in order that those factors
can be replicated for a greater number of boys. The research took place in Birmingham,
Oxfordshire, Teesside and North Yorkshire to ensure positive role models are representative of urban, rural and coastal communities.

Now, at the end of the project, Professors Chris Pascal and Tony Bertram are visiting Oxfordshire to share the findings of the research, hoping that the findings can be used to improve outcomes for white, working class boys in Oxfordshire.