Water Eaton Park & Ride/BBC Oxford

Oxfordshire County Council would like to stress that this decline in usage from 2012/13 to 2014/15 is not unexpected.

It is very important to note that the figures to which the BBC refer relate to a period when Oxford City Council had introduced charges in its Park & Ride sites (Redbridge, Seacourt and Peartree) while the Oxfordshire County Council sites remained free.

We therefore saw a significant transfer of usage from Peartree to Water Eaton. Since Oxfordshire County Council introduced charges at its sites to reflect those already in place by Oxford City Council the distribution of parking has rebalanced.

It should also be remembered that park and ride charges had been in place for very many years up to 2008.

With regards to revenue, last year was the first full year of charges and therefore an increase in income is similarly not unexpected.

Much of the revenue received was used to offset operating costs of the Park & Ride sites. All surplus funds contribute to improvements to transport infrastructure - for example the recent extension to Thornhill Park & Ride. We are committed to reinvesting in our transport network in the most efficient way possible.