Watch what you put on your bonfire

An aerosol or container with flammable liquid or gas in it, accidentally thrown on a bonfire can cause an explosion leading to serious injury.

The warning comes as the better weather is encouraging more people to clear out sheds and garages and burn their rubbish on bonfires.

Mark O’Connor, Watch manager at Banbury fire Station said: ”This is the time of year when people have a spring clean and this often leads to boxes of  rubbish  being burnt on bonfires. However it is very important to make sure you know what is in those boxes before burning them as even just one aerosol can cause a significant explosion and cause severe injury.

“Over the years we have attended a number of incidents where people have been badly hurt after not realising they have thrown aerosols or highly flammable substances onto fires.

“We would also warn people not to start bonfires or barbeques with petrol or other similar, highly volatile substances as this can lead to injury or fire damage.

He added:  “It is also important that people make sure they do not leave bonfires or barbeques unattended and that all bonfires should be properly extinguished before they are left to prevent fire spreading.”