Use the extra hour to ensure homes are fire safe, firefighters urge

Firefighters want people to take advantage of the additional time by using it to ensure smoke alarms are in working order and to complete an online Home Fire Risk Check, a short questionnaire which highlights fire hazards; helps people identify them and gives participants information about what to do should a fire occur.

Statistics show that residents are four times more likely to die in a house fire if a working smoking alarm is not installed.

Get into a routine

Stuart Garner, Home and Community Safety Manager for Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service, said: "Everybody will be adjusting their clocks back an hour when British Summertime ends - I would also like to see people checking their smoke alarms at the same time and also taking the opportunity to complete a Home Fire Risk Check, to find out more about potential fire hazards in the home.

"Doing so could help make families safer as it will inform people of what the current fire risk situation is in their properties. I would also encourage householders to get into a weekly routine of monitoring whether smoke alarms are working correctly."

Could be difference between life and death

Councillor Rodney Rose, the Deputy Leader of Oxfordshire County Council, who also has Cabinet responsibility for Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: "I would encourage people to take note of this important home safety advice from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service. Ensuring a smoke alarm is working could be the difference between life and death if a fire does occur as it can buy people valuable time to get out, stay out and call 999."

People can call 08000 325999 for a free paper copy of the Home Fire Risk Check or if they are concerned about the outcomes of the check once they have completed it.

The extra time is gained when clocks go back an hour at 2am on Sunday 26 October.


The advice is part of Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service's 365alive campaign, an initiative designed to make the county a safer place through educational and preventative community work.