Travel app can show better Waze to go

Oxfordshire County Council has joined forces with Waze, the free crowdsourced traffic and navigation app, in a data-sharing link-up that could help you get from A to B more easily.

Waze is effectively a Sat Nav app you use exactly as you would any in-car navigation device – except Waze has the added benefit of crowd-sourced traffic flow info and county council roadworks as part of the mix. This means that the app can see the traffic hotspots on the roads and route you round them where appropriate, saving you time.

To try out Waze – which is FREE to download and use – simply go to https://www.waze.com/download









(click the image to watch the video)

You can use Waze safely and effectively as a standard Sat Nav 

while taking advantage of the extra information. You can send your own information to help enhance the journeys of others – this must be done either by a passenger or the driver while safe and legal to do so.

It is hoped that with the further development of voice control in the near future Waze will become even easier to use.