Street Tag app is a winner with Oxfordshire’s children

School pupils and their families in Oxfordshire are being encouraged to join in the fun of using Street Tag, the free smartphone game app that offers rewards for exercise, now in its second season.

Since its launch in Oxfordshire in October 2020, the app has been met with enthusiasm by schools and communities with Oxfordshire having the highest sign-up rate for Street Tag in the country.

Councillor Lawrie Stratford, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health, said: “The enjoyment with which Oxfordshire’s school children and communities have adopted Street Tag and the fun it offers has been very encouraging. The game has been a very helpful boost to the county’s children. Despite the challenges of the lockdowns, exercise remains a vital part of our efforts to stay fit and healthy. Indeed, there is still time to join in the fun and rewards that Street Tag offers as we move into season two of the game.”

“Your daily walk or other permitted exercise can be a great way to win Street Tag points and tags and compete against your peers and rival communities, but we do ask players to keep to current government guidelines on permitted movement during the pandemic.”

Mark Peacey, Deputy Headmaster at The Batt Church of England School in Witney, said:

“It has been fantastic to see the whole school community, young and older, sporty and less sporty, united in wanting our school to do well on the leaderboard but, more importantly, enjoy being outdoors and exercising as a family.”

The Street Tag app rewards primary school pupils, communities and schools for their physical activities such as walking, running, cycling, among a number of other fitness activities.

The news comes after the end of the first season of the game, which ran between October to late December 2020 for the Oxfordshire Schools Leaderboard and October 2020 to 15 January for the Oxfordshire Community Leaderboard.

An impressive 95 schools signed up to play the Street Tag Oxfordshire schools games league with 4340 players. They walked an amazing 285,700 miles covering 318,453,192 steps and collected over 1,251,600 Street Tags on their way.

In schools that competed across the county, The Batt Church of England School in Witney won the most points with 14,698,105 and was also the Street Tag season one West Oxfordshire school games winner.

In the Oxfordshire community league, over 630 players joined, walking an impressive 10,470 miles over 13,168,519 steps. Players accumulated 51,980 Street Tags.

The good news for children and communities across Oxfordshire is that you can still join Street Tag and start winning points to gain rewards in season two. Schools can sign up by email or fill an online form.

To sign up to the Community Leaderboard, install the app, create a team and join.

Players can earn Street Tag points from physical activities, indoor and outdoor – walking, running and cycling by scanning virtual tags.

The most active communities and schools benefit from real rewards. Those with the highest rates will be rewarded with £50 for parent teacher associations of the top three leading schools in the districts and rewards of sports equipment, Amazon vouchers and more for the highest scoring communities within each district.

For more information visit Street Tag online or find Street Tag on the Play Store, App Store, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.